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Thin Matte Washi


Thin Matte Washi


Thin matte washi tape for all your functional and stylish decorations in your planner. 

Important Notes:
- 3 rolls, 5mm wide x 10m long
- 1 roll of blue
- 1 roll of rust
- 1 roll of mustard

with the most unique layout on the market,
this life-changing planner system actually works
by helping you manage not just your time
but your tasks.

Customer Reviews

“Top 10 life products Check box washi tape is the greatest invention. Right up there with the lightbulb and boxed wine. I’m always making lists (thanks adhd) and the boxes not being even when I try to chicken scratch them makes me insane (thanks adhd). This has solved that. I may start wearing it as a necklace so I never lose it. Seriously, just these little tapes have increased my productivity.”

court s.

“This has been a great addition to making my project planner even easier to use. I loved the pack of three designs so it doesn't become monotonous if needing to use them repeatedly. I was able to designate each design to a different aspect of life. ”

fall a.

“I have the laurel Denise horizontal dated planner. The washi check list tape is perfect except I wish you could write on it. The post-it set is great but I think I would use more of the horizontal blue post-its that are on the side with the mango and yellow square post-its. These are the perfect size for me. Keep working hard LD staff, y'all are amazing!”

michelle k.

“Did I really need more washi tape? Yes! Yes, I did. I lalready have more washi tape than one person needs. I even already have a roll of check boxes, actually they’re circles. You get the idea. I was ordering the project pages and thought why not try the set checkbox washi from laureldenise. Well, I’m super pleased that I did because they match up with the spaces perfectly unlike what I already had. I’m a big list maker so whenever I get near the end of this washi trip I’ll be buying a new one.”


“Check Out These Checklists! Add boxes, circles, and slashes for all your checklist needs! ”

kim f.

“In love with this washi tape This washi tape is awesome. The boxes and circles line up perfectly in the LD planner. I’m in love!”


“Super dainty look to these washi tapes. Works well in the notes sections. ”

tammi k.