Do you customize your jewelry? 

We love partnering with individuals and wholesalers alike to bring personalized hope and encouragement to others. Please visit our custom tab for details on individual custom products.

There are a few terms and conditions to note:

There are no returns on custom orders – all sales are final

We reserve the right to refuse custom requests for any reason, without explanation, especially those that contain: Any sort of profanity or inappropriate language or meaning; Any politically hostile language or meaning; Anything that deliberately infringes upon someone else’s copyright or trademark; Anything that, in our sole discretion, puts our brand at risk.

What are your bracelet clasps made of?

We use lobster clasps or magnetic clasps that are brass. If you have an allergy, please make a note on your order (or send us an email with your order number) and we will paint a special metal sealer on your clasps for extra protection.


To measure your wrist, you can take a soft tape measure, start on the top of your wrist and wrap it around. If you don't have a soft tape measure, just take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Measure the finished length on a straight ruler. The various leather bracelet sizes listed on the website are for the entire piece - leather + clasp + extender chain.

I have really sensitive skin? Will the brass bracelets turn my skin green?

Brass is a funny little metal and each person's reaction depends on their skin ph levels. We coat all of the brass bracelets in "Eternal Sunshine" which acts as a barrier between the brass and anyone's ph levels. This helps prevent tarnishing and works really well. Nothing is forever though, so you will have to shine it eventually, but you can use warm water and some baking soda and it should shine it right up!


Everything is handmade in the U.S. and our studio is in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our brass bracelets are stamped and formed in Rhode Island with a trusted partner. Our paper products are manufactured in China at vetted factories who work with several US-based brands.

Do you gift wrap?

All of our items are shipped in beautiful packaging that's wrapped in a lovely brown wax paper with a colorful sticker.

Can I be on your mailing list?

Absolutely! Sign up here.


You can find Laurel posting things about life and Laurel Denise on our Instagram feed daily. We also have an active Facebook page and love to share inspiration and new projects there.


We use USPS (United States Postal Service) and FedEx for deliveries inside the United States and abroad. Please allow 1-3 business days for order processing during our normal seasons. Busy seasons (April, May, June, November, and December) have a processing time of 3-5 days. We ship orders Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

For International customers:

All of our shipments leave the United States and will likely spend time in the customs for the country where the shipment arrives. We cannot provide any customs clearance estimates, but in most cases, shipments may spend anywhere from one to three days in customs.  

IMPORTANT: Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order.

SHIPPING: What does [x, y, z] update mean when i track my order?

We have earned our PhD in USPS terminology.

"Your package is on its way to a USPS facility."

This means that we have handed your package over to our USPS pick up and they are bringing it a facility. Please note that the USPS is not required to scan First Class or Priority shipments when they arrive at a facility, making the tracking unreliable. If you would like accurate tracking information, we suggest choosing FedEx at check out.

"Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility." 

This means that we have handed your package over to our USPS pick up, they have scanned it in, your package is being transferred to the various USPS facilities it needs to go to in order to make its way to you, and now we are waiting on it to be delivered. Later than expected, but it's on its way


Sometimes tracking information is updated by carriers prior to delivery (we think it helps them move a little faster), so your package may arrive in the next day or so. If you have purchased Route Package Protection, please submit a claim here. Claims can be submitted no earlier than 5 days and no later than 15 days after your item is marked as delivered. Please note that orders over $100 will require a police report. If you did not purchase Route Package Protection with your order, contacting the local carrier directly is often the easiest and quickest way to obtain tracking updates for your package. If you’ve done that and are still waiting for your package, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help provide an update.

SHIPPING: Where is my order?

We wish we could give more details than USPS is able to provide. Sadly, once we ship a package, all we have is the information they provide which can be very little and very frustrating. Contacting the local carrier directly is often the easiest and quickest way to obtain tracking updates for your package.

What is your Processing time?

With the exception of high-volume ordering times*, our processing time is 3-5 business days on non-custom orders. Custom orders can take up to 3 weeks for shipment.

Processing times during high-volume ordering months can be 5-7 business days.

High volume ordering times include: April, May, June, November, and December.


If you purchased Route Package Protection with your order and your shipment is "stuck in transit", issues can be approved no earlier than 7 days and no later than 30 days from the last update (US). International shipment issues can be approved no earlier than 20 days and no later than 30 days from the last update. If you did not purchase Route Package Protection on your order, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help provide an update.