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OMG, I thought you'd never ask:

At Laurel Denise, we believe that it's possible for everyone to feel organized and find a planner that helps bring peace to their lives. And - good news! - you don't need fancy pens or a perfect office or gold-foiled stickers to get there! (Although, honestly, those things are quite fun.)

We share tips on how to get started on our Instagram channel, have a lively private Facebook Community with planner friends and (coming soon!) weekly Sunday planning sessions with Laurel, and a growing YouTube channel with lengthy how-to videos.

Here are some good practices for starting a new planner:

1. If you are color-coding in your planner, create your key and put it on the first page of your planner.

2. We find it's best to begin with inserting important yearly appointments and reminders. Put anniversaries, birthdays, grievance days, pretty much everything into your monthly spread. Then put reminders in your "to do this month" column of each month's spread (ie: In August, you might remind yourself to order winter coats for your children, if applicable).

3. Then you move into your weekly detailed planning time! Block out time before the beginning of your week to plan for the week ahead. We like to do this on Sundays, when we are meal planning for the week. Look at your schedule and make sure your to-do list is fleshed out and assigned to certain days of the week.

More than anything, don't stress. A planner is meant to work for you and be a helper. It's doesn't need to be perfect, it doesn't even need to be neat! Progress, peace, functionality and fun over perfection :)

With the most unique layout on the market and the only planner that allows you to view your entire month, week, and daily schedule at the same time, you - truly - can't get this planner anywhere else. We work with the best manufacturers in the business and have brought quality planners to the marketplace year after year.

Our community is incomparible and filled with approachable planner people who support, help, and encourage you to become the type of organized person you never believed you could be.

Don't just take our word for it - check out our reviews page to see what everyone else is saying.

The difference between these planners is found in the weekly and daily pages (the short pages between the longer monthly tabbed pages). In the Horizontal Weeky Planner, these pages have a horizontal layout and don't have hourly time blocks. In the Vertical Weekly Planner, these pages have a vertical layout and give hourly time blocks for your schedule.

We have a few sizes, but all detailed sizing information can be found in each product's page. We even have images with specific sizes within each layout on most product pages!

Unfortunately, we cannot customize the covers or the binding on the planners at this time.

For now, we have decided as a company not to offer our exact printed planner layouts as a printable file.

Laurel has created some printable layouts that are slightly different than the planners we offer and they can be found here.

In Laurel's personal experience (which is the main inspiration for the design of these planners), if you don't actually write something down, you won't remember that something. That task, that "for the future", that special day, that list , that hope and dream - 9 times out of 10, if that happens electronically, it doesn't stick. For this reason, we choose paper for our main line.

We are working on offering a digital undated line that will launch in Spring 2023.

It feels silly to say that they are for everyone, but the Laurel Denise planner customer ranges from air force commander to homeschool parent to student to stay at home mom to entrepreneur (and on and on). People have commented that our planners have helped lift them out of a depression brought on by feeling like they couldn't ever manage to get anything done. They've written us that their to-do list was taking over their lives and our planner helped them plan their to-do list around their lives instead of their lives around their to-do list. Our planner has helped countless people to be able to take on side hustles, making their dreams become reality. It has helped a huge segment of people, with brains that think a little differently, feel seen and understood. So, if you fit into one of those many categories, you are welcomed, seen, and encouraged to try our system!

In short, everything. We made the complete switch to a planner company in October 2022 and have so much planned for 2023 and beyond.

In the Winter of 2023, you'll see some fun new accessories plus planner page inserts and dashboards. We will launch our next Undated Collection (with horizontal, vertical and project planner layouts) and Teacher Collection in Spring 2023 with plenty of cover options. What's coming after that is all a surprise (maybe even to us!), but you can rest assured we are fully commited to our functional, minimal, thoughtful planner design and thrilled at the new products coming your way.

Omg, same here. You are in good company! Our Youtube channel is an amazing place to start for videos on our various planners. If you don't have time to settle into the longer YouTube videos, check out our Instagram feed for quick reels with comparisons, tips, and how tos!

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