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Laurel’s current favorite is the 0.3 Frixion Erasable Pen. Our Amazon Favorites Shop is filled with our can't-live-without pens, planner, and lifestyle accessories.

Do we ever! We have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to this sort of content, offer daily advice on Instagram stories and are just generally here to help.

Some specifically helpful posts and videos are our How to Move Into Your Planner YouTube Video and our 6 Tips to Help You Get Started Blog Post. And, don't miss our "How to Start" and "Tips + Tricks" Highlight on Instagram.

If videos and blogs aren't your thing, here's some quick advice from Laurel:

1. Start with a massive brain dump of all of the tasks and appointments and ideas floating around in your head.

2. Take all of the deadlines that are in that list and put them into your monthly and weekly views. You can do this one month at a time or when you set up your entire year. (Pro Tip: Only set up 3 months at a time and keep sticky notes with appointments in the other months of the year. Your planning style might change and it can feel like a lot to commit to setting up 12 months at a time.)

3. Once your deadlines are in, assign the tasks from  your brain dump list a day or a week or a month to get done. If it’s something imminent, put it sooner. If this is just an idea in your head or something you don’t want to forget in the future, put it in that month’s list.

4. Keep a little sticky note (or one of our PIPs) with the items on your brain dump that didn’t get assigned a day. Get to them as you have time or delegate them.

We go through this process often. On any given day, you’ll find us with my brain dump list ready to assign swirling thoughts a time and a place weekly. Be gentle with yourself and remember, there's no perfection in planning!

Our paper products are not customizable. We have heard from many people who have decorated their planner covers with stickers, paint and more and would love to see how you make it uniquely yours!

Our monthly tabbed pages are 120 lb paper and all other pages are 80 lb. Fear not, we've completed pen tests galore and the only "pen" that bleeds through is a Sharpie marker.

Omg, same here. You are in good company! Our Youtube channel is an amazing place to start for videos on our various planners. If you don't have time to settle into the longer YouTube videos, check out our Instagram feed for quick reels with comparisons, tips, and how tos!

n short, so many things! We will introduce a brand new planner format and academically dated Horizontal, Vertical, and Project Planners in May 2024. Our Mini Planner size will expand to include more layouts and we will continue creating accessories that are both functional and beautiful.

MARCH 2024: Undated Planner Launch

MAY 2024: Academic + Teacher Planner Launch

SEPTEMBER 2024: 2025 Planner Launch

Omg, I wish. Truly, I do. But time travel is still hard, so find us on any of our linked social media channels and say hello! Can't wait to meet you!

The answer is not yet. Or, I haven't decided. My love language is helping people understand just how capable they are once they have a planner system that works for them, but these things take time and energy. Pester Laurel on Instagram and maybe she'll fold faster than we think :) 

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