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Undated Project Planner, Royalty



Watch: video flip through of this planner

Undated Project Planner, Royalty


This take anywhere Project Planner is the perfect organizational tool to keep you, your projects, and your life feeling orderly on the go. Skip a month or take a break when you'd like with our Undated planners.

Find days of the week, daily numbers, and month stickers here.

Important Notes:

  • This planner is undated.
  • Pantone 3535 U is the color featured on this cover. (Go, JMU Dukes!)

One more time (for good measure + with love): THIS PLANNER DOES NOT HAVE DATES

*Please note pen + other floral accessories shown in the images do not come with the planner.

- THIS PLANNER IS UNDATED (user needs to date with stickers or pen)

- Monthly calendar view- Monthly bullet dot note-taking space

- 5 Daily Habit Trackers for each month

- Two pocket folders inside each cover

- Neon & Gold-foil stamped cover

- 2 yearly planning pages

- Plan ahead 12 month calendar

- 4 checklist pages, front and back (8 total pages)

- 5 blank graph paper pages, front and back (10 total pages)

- 5 blank fine bullet paper pages, front and back (8 total pages)

- Yearly reflection page

For visual dimension information, please see the last image in the product listing.

- Planner weighs 9oz

- Cover Material: matte lamination embossed texture (1/8-inch thick)

- Sewn binding

- Closed planner: 11in wide x 8.5in high

- Open planner: 22in wide x 8.5in high

- Monthly calendar (overrall): 9.25in wide x 6.75in high

- Monthly calendar boxes: 1.25in wide x 1.25in high

- Monthly reminders column (far left on the monthly calendar page): 1.25in wide x 6.5in high

- Right Side column headers (top, right side of the planner): 2.3125in wide x 0.75in high

- Right Side Columns (right side of the planner): 2.63in wide x 6.25in high

- Habit tracking section: 8.75in wide x 1.5in high (5 habits with 30 0.125in circles)

- All pages: 80lb paper weight

One more time (for good measure + with love): THIS PLANNER DOES NOT HAVE DATES

with the most unique layout on the market,
this life-changing planner system actually works
by helping you manage not just your time
but your tasks.

Customer Reviews

“I've already been writing birthdays, events, and upcoming work stuff in my "mini" planner. Yes, the boxes are small, but I have small, neat handwriting and I absolutely love the size! I have to carry my large planner plus a smaller one that fits in my purse. I won't have to do that in 2024! The planner's size makes it perfect for most of my handbags. I love the layout, with lots of space for "to-dos," and it's very flexible to make it work for pretty much anything and everything I need to write down. I'm hoping the size is popular, because I'd love to see it in pretty colors and patterns for 2025. ”

bernadette r.

“I’ve used many different planners over the years, both professionally and personally. And, of course, I use a digital calendar. But by far Laurel Denise’s planners have proven THE most functional, allowing me to simultaneously see monthly and weekly, along with space for notes to keep me on track and jot down ideas. I am officially a new faithful customer. Thanks. ”


“Why deny it… Have I been living my entire life obsessed with writing utensils and silky pen-to-paper texture? Yup. Did I relentlessly practice my penmanship as if my life depended on the perfectly loopy “y” and “g”? You betcha. Has color coding been a deep source of pride and giddiness? NATurally. Have I been searching to the ends of the earth for a planner that would look into my eyes and tell me I’M the one and whisk me away into the sunset? Pretty much. When I recently discovered Laurel Denise planners and the vast community of “planner people,” I finally felt validated in my passion for pen & paper, lists, and STICKERS. I finally feel understood and no longer ashamed of organization that brings me so much joy. I opted for the new MINI planner as my first choice from LD… and I’m already looking for reasons to buy a second planner :) The layout, quality, aesthetics, and accessories are so thoughtfully crafted and beautiful. I’m thrilled to bring this planner into my daily life! I also love the creativity and brainstorming that comes with the community of like-penned planner people. Love the planners, love the brand, love the videos, and especially love the happiness that comes with the Laurel Denise territory! Excellent work ;) ”


“I absolutely adore this planner! I was worried my larger handwriting would be an issue but it is not at all! You have to try a LD planner! ”

jamie m.

“Great product. The size is perfect. The quality is amazing. The upgrades from last years planner (normal sized) are so great! ”


“I love my new mini planner. I'm an empty nester with and utilize my outlook calendar at work for my work day meetings, etc. The mini is the perfect little planner for my life. ”

shelly m.

“I’ve already started planning how I’m going to use all the pages in this planner in 2024. I absolutely love the smaller size and the new features compared to to prior years. LD planners truly have such a unique layout, but the layout just makes planning SO much easier. ”

kristen s.