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2024-2025 Academic Year Vertical Weekly Planner, Jane + the Beanstalk



Watch: 2024-2025 Academic Year Vertical Weekly Planner, Jane + the Beanstalk

2024-2025 Academic Year Vertical Weekly Planner, Jane + the Beanstalk


A perfect combination of the Laurel Denise full view layout with added room for time blocking, list making, and task management, this versatile planner will help you feel calm, in control, and ready to take on each day!

Important Notes:

  • Sunday Start = Sunday monthly start and Sunday weekly start.
  • Monday Start = Monday monthly start and Monday weekly start.


*Please note the stickers in the cover folder, pens + other accessories shown in the images do not come with the planner. The tab stickers and the acrylic rulers are the only accessories that are shipped with this planner.

A giant thank you to Tupelo Floral for the florals featured in our styled images.

- Planner is dated July 2024 - June 2025

- Gold-foil stamped cover

- Two pocket folders inside each cover

- Clear bookmark with ruler printed in gold-foil

- Clear bookmark with scalloped edging

- Full list of 2024 + 2025 holidays

- Yearly planning pages (in front)

- Tabbed monthly pages for easy navigation (tabs are reinforced with PVC)

- Each month features a monthly view, 5 weekly layouts/short pages per month (enough to plan for 35 days), and bullet dot note-taking space

- Daily Habit Trackers for each month (on the back of the last weekly page). Enough room for 7 habits to be tracked for 31 days

- Yearly wins and lessons page

- Plan ahead 2025-2026 calendar

- 4 blank graph paper pages (back page)

- 4 blank fine bullet paper pages (back page)

- Yearly reflection page (last page)

For visual dimension information, please see the last image in the product listing.

- Planner weighs 1b 8oz- Cover Material: 2.5 mm chipboard mounted with matte laminate (1/8-inch thick)

- Coil: 1 in diameter, 1.25 gauge

- Closed planner (includes coil): 9.75in wide x 11in high

- Open planner (includes coil): 18.25in wide x 11in high

- Monthly Calendar (left side): 5.75in wide x 5in high

- Monthly Calendar (right side): 7.75in wide x 5in high

- Monthly Calendar Boxes: approx 2in wide x 1in high

- Notes section (left side beside calendar): 2in wide x 5in high

- List-making sections (left side, before short pages): 1.75in wide x 2.5in high

- Notes section (right side before short pages) 8in wide x 4.5in high

- Weekly Short Pages (overall dimensions): 8in wide x 4.5in high

- This week column (far left of the weekly short pages): 2in wide x approx. 4in high

- Weekly Page Daily Columns (middle columns with lines on the weekly short pages): 2in w x 4in h

- Weekly Page Column lines are 0.25in apart

- Notes section (left side behind short pages) 8in wide x 4.5in high

- Notes section (right side behind short pages) 8in wide x 4.5in high

- Monthly tabbed pages: 120lb paper weight

- All other pages: 80lb paper weight

with the most unique layout on the market,
this life-changing planner system actually works
by helping you manage not just your time
but your tasks.

Customer Reviews

“This is a life changing planner. I have ADHD and have never found a planner that I stuck with for an entire year. I kept thinking that someone has to create a planner that shows the month AND the full week. I am so pleased I found it because it really has made me more organized and less likely to miss homework or appointments. 10/10 Would absolutely buy again. ”

pamela p.

“The quality and design of this planner is just so incredibly good! To be able to see the month, the week, my to do list and more all at the same time is absolutely amazing. The paper is superb, the design is elegant, and there’s basically no end to the number of ways to use this planner. I love it. Love. It. It really is so, so, so good! ”

lisa t.

“I run 2 businesses, run a non-profit, and serve on the board of another non-profit. My schedule is constantly changing and absolutely full. The Laurel Denise calendar helps me keep all the plates spinning in the air. ”

courtney b.

“This is the only planner I'll ever use. I’ve always wanted a planner that you could see the month and the week on the same page. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better planner! ”


“I love this planner- I also love the IG stories and reels that give me new ideas for how to use this puppy! ”

megan m.

“Can’t wait to start using the 2024 planner. This is the first time that I’ve ever bought the same planner two years in a row. I love it. ”