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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

Dec 2022

Planner Babe Party: December 2022

Welp, it's here folks: Your most anticipated blog post of December. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but retailers rarely, if ever, post anything during the month of December. HA! To quote Queen Taylor, "It's me. Hi. I'm the problem, it's me."

But, also, I can't resist sharing my favorite things. So here we are with a few things that the Laurel Denise team is currently UB-sessed with:

Nancy (Queen of Content and Creatives)
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch - This not-too-long baby was a GREAT sci-fi thriller that I read for my book club. To be clear, the sci-fi wasn’t your classic sci-fi where your brain is like “wait what is going on, what does that word mean, are we dealing with something human.” I am not a huge sci-fi fan in general, so I don’t want that to scare anyone off with that word! I would totally recommend for a book club because it led to a really insightful discussion and we learned a lot about each other! A success!

This Salad Dressing - My mom made this for our Thanksgiving salad and it is the BOMB. I would totes recommend including some sort of clementine or citrus in your salad since it pairs really well with the dressing! Shake the following up in a mason jar: 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar, 2 T creamy peanut butter, 1 t grated & peeled fresh ginger, 1 T soy sauce, 1 T honey, 2 t sesame oil, 1/4 canola oil, ground pepper/salt/red pepper flakes to taste.

Mugs and Other Ceramics by Christi Ahee - I have multiple mugs from this Los Angeles based artist and they are SO cute, quite large (maximum tea/coffee potential), and every year she comes out with hip new designs! It’s my splurge for the year as a gift for my partner and a way to support a small business.

Laurel Denise Lined Notebook Bundle - Every year we do Christmas with my partner’s family and one of my favorite gifting strategies is to give the same stocking stuffer-y item to his sister, aunt, and mom. It’s fun for them all to open them at the same time, and boy do we love Christmas morning fun! THUS I am always excited when I find a 3 part bundle. I love all these patterns, everyone can use a lil notebook to journal, write lists in, sketch out ideas…happy holidays to us all!

Mabby (Queen of Organization and Helping)
Catch All Bag: Running between work and my kids and the ping-pong shuffle that can sometimes be our after school "routine", this bag has become my catch-all because it can fit my laptop, papers, and all the accessories.

Laurel Denise Pen Pouch: Can I list all the things that are in my LD pouch....... post it notes, pens, highlighters, cell charger, chapstick, apple watch, dog treats, laptop charger, cashews, a folded up recipe that got lost on the way to my planner, my mouse, my cat (just kidding!). Seriously, it's the best pen pouch ever! (I mean, Mabby does have about a trillion pens, but I think she's talking about a computer mouse here and not an actual mouse!)

Inheritance Games - book 3, The Final Gambit: This is a young adult trilogy that my two teenagers and I literally fought over who got to read the book and when. It was like a modern-day Westing Game but better with even more twists and turns. The setting is this cool old house that I wish I could actually go inside and visit! Oh, and it's being developed into a TV show! (Okay, I read this trilogy, too, and it's super good!)

Lolly (Queen of Adding More Things to our Product Line and Stressing out Mabby and Nancy)
This Sweater Cape Security Blanket - I get stopped in public about this thing, y'all. And I'm not the graceful social gal that gently says "thank you" and moves on with her espresso and an air of perfect poise wafting behind her when you give her a compliment. No, no I am not. When I get a compliment in public, I am two shakes from asking for your number, air dropping the link to you, and spilling my latte in the process and screaming about what a deal I got. It's not pretty. But I'm excited. Think golden retriever. It's fine.

- These Cozy Pants: These are those pants that you take out of the dryer as soon as they are dry because you just need them back on your body. IYKYK. Winter is coming - buy a few of them. This is not a drill.

- Revision Skincare: Okay, friends. This foundation lit-er-all-eeeee melts into your face. It's stupidly expensive, but it works stupidly well. 

- I've starting filling in appointments and dates into my 2023 Vertical Planner and I still feel giddy when I open it. May it never pass! May! It! Never! Pass!

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