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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

Jan 2023

How to Meal Plan With Your Planner

Food though, ammiright? Listen, some of you queens are the masters of meal planning and your lives are filled with perfectly thought out meals that nourish every inch of your lives and the lives of the people you feed. To you, dear unicorn, I say bravo and I truly mean that. I would also like to tag on a few questions: A number 1. Do you live anywhere near the middle of Virginia and, B number 2. Could I please pay you to do the same for me and my family? K'thx'loveyew'byeeeeee. 

This is clearly not my strong suit. But what's beautiful about our planners is that you can get as detailed or as chill about all kinds of planning and that most definitely includes meal planning. Want to schedule and plan every single meal for the month and prep and plan your heart out? Let's do it! Are you a caregiver or household manager and want to plan weekly and include everyone's needs? So fun! Are you barely scraping by and really just plan dinners and want to jot it down so you don't accidentally eat frozen pizza and salad and maybe nachos every single night bc I hear that's no good for you (hi, me)? Sweet!

Some of our favorite meal planning spreads are below, but you might also enjoy our Meal Planning YouTube video where we deep dive into even more ideas and, of course, give you our very colorful commentary and plenty of giggles. 

(ps: Scroll below the photos for some links to our current favorite recipes.)

(I love the idea above because with the family's schedule on the left, you can truly set realistic meal plans that are based on actual plans, not on what sounds yummy that week. And it will help you meal plan ahead of time in accordance with what's on the schedule for the week ahead!)

(I love the idea above because I am constantly using ingredients for a meal that's planned for Thursday on a Monday. This formatting would help kick that to the curb!)

(I'm easy peasy with my meal planning and this is where I put my dinners each week. And then I erase them and move them around which is really fun.)

(Having a quick guide for meal ideas in full view of where I'm actually planning my meals is what meal planning dreams are made of.)

(Dedicate your entire Monthly Planner to your meals and color coordinate your heart out with this layout idea!)

Here are a few of our favorite recipes right now: