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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

Jan 2023

Bags to Hold the Planners

Our Favorite Planner Bags

Okay, so, this bag (no. 1) miiiiiiight be a diaper bag. But she's cute. And she comes in lots of colors. What can I say? Moms make good products.

With my own eye balls, I saw my friend fit not only her new planner in a box, but also her laptop, and also her old planner and then a notebook or two into this bag (no. 2). Not kidding. 

Mabby got this bag (no. 3) when she started working at Laurel Denise and it's really beautiful and fits her planner perfectly.

Someone in our private Facebook Group posted about this bag (no. 4) and I love it! What a great idea as a planner bag. And, as we all know from the Great Salad Dressing Spill of 2022 that happened to me, this bag earns double points because it's waterproof.

This bag (no. 5) is my every single day, ride or die, carry all of the things bag. It's like the cute and so very classic L.L. Bean bags (no. 6) of my Pool Mom dreams, only spicy. Into this bag goes a cute laptop sleeve that carries my 15" laptop and my Vertical Weekly Planner.

Speaking of laptop sleeves, have you seen this one (no. 7)? First, a defense: I know she's not as cute as some of the fancy laptop sleeves, BUT, because she's not rigid, I can fit both my laptop and my planner inside and that makes me happy.