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Feb 2024

Our February 2024 Planner Spreads

Let's take a closer look at the parts of our February planner spreads that made me want to thank the heavens and yell things like "Yes! What a great idea! OMG!" Placed here to hopefully help and inspired you, fellow Laurel Denise Planner user. 

Laurel's Planner: 2024 Project Planner, Midnight
Products Used: 2024 Project Planner | | Thin Washi Tape | Neon Stickers | Sticky Note Block

I have just made the switch to a Project Planner this month and I'm in love! In love, I tell you! My favorite parts of this planner this month is this weekly task list "jotter" section I created in the far left column and my quick thoughts/don't forget section to the right there. These both feel really realistic for how I work and have helped me SO MUCH this month!

Nancy's Planner: 2024 Horizontal Weekly, Wildflowers
Products Used: Horizontal Weekly Planner | Highlighter Set | Birds + Sky Stickers

This use of Saturday and Sunday on the side she's put her work projects on made me so happy! What a great idea, right? Since this photograph was taken, she's used this space to jot down quick things she doesn't want to forget to do or thoughts she has that she'd like to come back to after she's finished with her tasks. So simple, but so great!

Mabby's Planner: 2024 Vertical Weekly, Ocean Breeze
Products Used: Vertical Weekly PlannerVertical Sticky Note Set 

Okay, not only did Mabby officially win the title of Ms Hold Yourself Accountable to Tasks You Don't Want to Do (a highly competitive pageant, as you can imagine...), but she went and made it EVEN BETTER by drawing in little flies where the "frog task" used to be. Best kick of joy ever. (Our "eat the frog" projects are the ones we just don't want to do, but really need to. We just gotta eat the frog and do it and so we call them "eat the frog" tasks. It seems like it would make more sense the more I talk or write about it, but it indeed does not make more sense...)

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