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Wholesale Resource Page

wholesale resource page

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Product Listings

We know you are trying your best to get products online while also running the most adorable boutique on your block. Here is the text we use for our product descriptions - feel free to copy and paste on your website.

Leather Bracelets

Laurel Denise's handwriting makes every bracelet feel personal, meaningful and presents as the ultimate thoughtful gift. Made using the highest quality leather, each bracelet is entirely handmade in the US. These pieces whisper encouragement - made simple, understated, and petite on purpose. This bracelet is meant to be a private reminder and piece of inspiration just for you. 

  • Made with just the right thickness (2mm) so that your bracelet can stand the test of time and wear.

  • To soften your genuine leather bracelet, use leather conditioner (our favorite is beeswax) or simply get your bracelet wet a time or two. Your bracelet will soften just like your favorite leather shoes.
  • Writing has been burned into the leather and will not fade away with wear.
  • You can get your bracelet wet, but we don't suggest doing so very often. (No lap swimming in these beauties, please.)
  • Each bracelet comes with a 1.25-inch extender chain and a lobster clasp for secure closure, making it easily adjustable to fit all wrists. [insert size you purchased for your shop here]
  • The clasp and extender chain is made from antiqued brass. 

Leather Earrings
Made using the highest quality leather, each bracelet is entirely handmade in the US.

  • Super lightweight - literally anyone can wear these!
  • Earrings hang approximately 1.5-inches from your ear lobe
  • Ear wires are gold-filled (nickle-free, will not tarnish)
  • Teardrop shape is brass
  • Each pair comes with 2 rubber earring backs (be sure to wear these with your earrings)
  • You can get your earrings wet, but we don't suggest doing so very often. (No lap swimming in these beauties, please.)

Quote Cards
  • Card size: 3-inches x 3-inches
  • Earrings are gold-filled (nickle-free, will not tarnish) and come with rubber backing
  • Necklaces are gold-filled (nickle-free, with not tarnish) and hang 16-inches with a 2-inch extender. Necklace pendants are small - no bigger than 3mm - and are meant to be a quiet reminder for the person wearing them. 
  • All artwork and hand lettering is original by Laurel Denise
  • Hang the quote card on your mirror and keep the sentiment with you all day as you wear this sweet product

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We are here to share the love. Let us help you get the word out about your shop and that you carry Laurel Denise. Tag @laureldenise and we will re-share on our page! 


About Laurel

Laurel Smith is the owner and creative director of Laurel Denise. Laurel believes in encouragement over competition and prides herself on selling kind, joyful, and honest products. Laurel started the business in 2005 after having a dream one night about using tools she'd never seen to create jewelry with her handwriting and has been growing ever since. In her limited free time, she enjoys spending time with her two kids and husband in Charlottesville, Va, reading about a million books at a time, or going on long walks outside.

What's New

1. We couldn't be more excited for this newest addition to our encouraging product line. Laurel's original artwork and hand lettering has been printed on 3-inch cards with the tiniest gold-filled jewelry carefully attached to each card. We've chosen special earrings and necklaces that we think work perfectly with the words displayed on each card, but we are more than happy to swap things around to work with your shop. Click here for more information.

2. Back by popular demand, the enamel necklace cards make for the perfect gift - especially for little ones. These are in very limited quantity, so grab them while you can! Click here for more information.

Product Catalog

To order from our complete wholesale collection, including pre-selected bundles, follow the link below:

Click here for a full list of our leather bracelet sayings.

Click here for a full list of our leather keychain + brass cuff sayings. 

FAQ about Laurel Denise Products

  • Everything is handmade by a team of women in Charlottesville, Va.

  • All leather products are made using genuine leather sourced in the US. All gold-filled products are imported from vetted suppliers.

  • All lettering is Laurel's original handwriting - yep, she writes that small!

  • If a customer's bracelet seems stiff, they can apply beeswax to the underside of the leather or they can get it wet a time or two and it will soften up. We don't suggest getting this bracelet too wet (no lap swimming, please), but a quick rinse a time or two will just ensure that the bracelet ages well.

  • The brass bracelets do tarnish (as all brass does), but they can be shined or buffed again with a scotch brite pad or a piece of sandpaper and they will shine up again! We paint a thin coating of Eternal Sunshine on each bracelet which both protects the customer's skin and ensures that the brass doesn't tarnish as quickly as it wants to.

  • We do offer free repairs, so please email if something happens to break.

Custom Products

We love partnering with wholesalers to bring personalized hope and encouragement to others.
Pricing is as follows: $10 (bracelets), $7 (keychains)

Minimums: 10 units per phrase (bracelets), 15 units per phrase (keychains)
There are a few terms and conditions to note:

There are no returns on custom orders - all sales are final.

Custom orders cannot be placed on Faire at this time. Those orders must be emailed in directly.

We reserve the right to refuse custom requests for any reason, without explanation, especially those that contain:
-- Any sort of profanity of inappropriate language or meaning
-- Any politically hostile language or meaning
-- Anything that deliberately infringes upon someone else's copyright or trademark
-- Anything that, in our sole discretion, puts our brand at risk.

Minimums and Turnaround

Our wholesale order minimum is $100. Our current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (don't worry, we are working to speed that up even more). If you have an event coming up, just send us an email and we will see what we can do to get your order moved forward.

Display Ideas

Here are a few photos of some great displays we've seen resellers use with success: one | two | three | four

Here are some great display options from the internet:
bracelet bar
quote card displays