From Laurel, With Joy

  • February 2021 Updates

                        I’m at my dining room table working. I’m listening to the sounds of sisters playing and learning how to disagree and continue on in love. It’s winter. And my heart sort of wants to type the word "again" after every one of those sentences. Because, truly, so much of that has...
  • Customer Stories: Meet Sam

    "My first Laurel Denise bracelet was a gift from my Mom. She bought me 'life is tough, so are you' for Christmas last year when I was going through a really hard season. Since then, I have bought several for gifts for my friends and family!! They make the perfect gift for any occasion...
  • Our Story: The Beginning

    How did Laurel Denise begin? It's a story that I love to tell -- mostly because I just can't believe it (kind of like when my family and I survived a trip down the side of a Yosemite cliff when I was 13), but, cross my heart pinky promise, this is how it went down...
  • Customer Stories: Meet Kimberly

    ...When I came across the bracelets, I thought having a tangible item they can see and feel to help remind them of the courage and strength they offer each other was just perfect...
  • From Amy: Best. Mom. Ever.

    Moms, I understand. I hear you. But, I also see you. I see all the things you are doing for and with your child(ren). Things that are way outside your comfort zone, exhausting, and/or plain old monotonous and boring. I see you keeping your households together and secure, as well as hustling to keep a business going or otherwise maintain your career, all the while being a constant for your family. You're persevering in the face of your (not insubstantial) fears, keeping the established routines you can, and making the necessary changes that seem to be happening to everything else more palatable. You are, to be concise, being the best. moms. ever. 
  • Customer Stories: Meet Alexandra

    2020 has been a year for the books. We’ve lost control of many things that we didn’t expect to. But we still have control of our words and whether or not we use them for good. Buy a bracelet for yourself. Live out that affirmation. Buy a bracelet for a friend. Give them confidence and comfort when they need it most. Kind words are truly priceless. Let’s all go spread some love 🥰 
  • customer stories: meet taylor

    It's my pleasure to introduce you to Taylor and her Laurel Denise bracelet story. Please enjoy and maybe get the tissues out. It's fine, I'm fine, everything is fine. Taylor, thank you for reminding us that we are never alone in our struggles or triumphs and that, sometimes, a small bracelet pur...
  • the things you say: a special thank you

    How can I express my gratitude at you fine, wonderful, amazing people? Thank you for your purchases, for your reviews, and spreading joy to all that you love.