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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

May 2024

The OMG-You've-Got-To-Try-This List: May 2024

Welcome to the monthly post where it's like sitting down with a group of gals and we share all of our recent favorites. Gate keep on the recent eye cream we found? Or our new favorite book?! May it never be. Read on for the fun.

Mabby: (aka "office mom") 
This dress made me feel like the coolest girl in the room. (Okay, comment from Lolly here, we all gasped when she walked in wearing this last week. Gasped! And I promptly ordered one. This was, hands down, the cutest little Summer sporty outfit in all of the land.)

I finally bought a sterling silver charm necklace (it's hard to find these in silver!) from Bluebird + Co. and I am in love! I've been wanting this for SO LONG. So long. Flannery helped me combine mine and some from the shop with the perfect chain and I couldn't be happier. (Use code TEAMPAPER20 for 20% off, friends!)

Lolly: (aka "the bougie one")
I just finished How to Solve Your Own Murder and it was fabulous! It would be a really great vacation read. 

I'm buying these to organize all of the random half-finished projects I have around the home. Honestly, I wish I could say they were the fault of my children, but I have as many as they do. My hope is that we might be able to grab one or two of these containers quickly and bring them to the pool for break times! Not sure they will have the same pull of the snack bar, but a girl can hope.

I gifted myself Nuuly for Christmas to see if I liked it this year and, YAWL, I love. I just got a bunch of cute linen cover up things to wear to our June beach vacations and I'm praying that the weather plays along so that I can wear them.

This Le Labo hand cream smells so good. Seriously, ask Lolly. She tries to eat my hands when I put it on and then she steals it from me to use. Maybe I should talk to HR about this...

I went over to my friends to cook dinner the other night and we made two recipes from this cookbook. I was totally blown away with the flavor! First were the Tom Yum Sweet Potato Wedges, which is definitely my favorite way to flavor sweet potatoes from now on. These were followed up by San Choy Bau, which were lettuce wraps filled with tofu and mushrooms (she offered a meat and vegan option in the recipe!) These were so good that I proceeded to make them the following Saturday for Mother's Day. I can't wait to make more things from this book! Strongly recommend.

I recently learned that hard water in your shower is not so great for your skin and hair and also that my house has VERY hard water. After a small deep dive, I found this filter on Amazon that super easily attaches to your shower head and voila no more dry skin for me! The little filters only have to be changed once a month and two weeks in, I feel like a new woman. 

some of these links might be affiliate links. probably the amazon ones? but not all of them. and we don't share them unless we truly have tried and love them. okay byeeeeeeeeee.