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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

Nov 2022

Planner Babe Party: November 2022

Basically, my favorite thing to do is share my favorites with friends which means this is my favorite email to send evah. I'm pretty passionate about the things that work for me (hi, I created a whole business based on a planner that works for me) and nothing makes me happier than finding they work for others! I think the kids call this influencing, but we all know that I'm not cool enough to be an influencer. Although I do have the lash extensions that seem to be part of the outfit and have zero regrets about this life choice...


Here are a few things the Laurel Denise team is currently UB-sessed with:

Nancy (Queen of Content and Creatives):

  • Normal Gossip: OK I realize I am a bit late to the game on this one but a friend only recently recommended it and I cannot stop listening! Between the hilarious “OMG”-inducing stories, the charming host, and the reframing of what actually is “gossip,” consider your next roadtrip’s entertainment taken care of. 
  • Wegmans Original Hummus: Confession: I am a bit of a hummus snob. And in my (humble, I swear) opinion, Wegmans makes the best hummus available in giant 32 oz containers. Laurel swears by the caramelized onion flavor which is delightful, but the OG version is SO light, perfectly lemony, and smoother than…the ink flowing from a brand new ink pen (need to work on this analogy maybe) (Laurel Note: If you live near a Wegmans, don't walk - RUN - to go get the caramelized hummus. I eat it with a spoon.)
  • Cool Bank’s 72 Colored Pencils Zip Up Set: My partner got me this as a gift (this is the third colored pencil set he’s gotten me, you can truly never have enough) and this one is PERFECT. I love a pouch and this one not only has 72 high quality pencils, it also has a handle, it’s easy to keep your pencils in rainbow order, and it has an inner pouch that comes with a sharpener, eraser, x-acto, etc! An illustrator’s dream! I call it my lil pencil suitcase. 
  • Build Your House Around My Body by Violet Kupersmith: This is a rec ONLY if you’re a thriller/horror novel fan (Laurel is not) because warning: there are some kinda gruesome parts. If you don’t mind a lil blood and gore then hear me out: this novel has the symbolism and themes and characters that a high school English teacher could only dream about! It is so cleverly written, with a non-linear narrative told from multiple points of views. SO GOOD (but again, definitely don’t read if you’re at all squeamish or like, scared of snakes). (Laurel Note: Nancy does give me the light version summaries of these scary books she reads and it's really fun.)
  • Laurel Denise Pencil Pouch: I may have mentioned above that I LOVE a pouch? As someone who likes to carry A LOT of pens (some might say too many pens? I say not possible) and scissors and highlighters and a glue stick and anything else I might need in a stationery emergency, this is my dream pouch. It fits a surprising number of things, the zipper is high quality, and I love the “floral fellowship” print! If the Hermione bag and the Mary Poppins bag had a chic and beautiful love child, this would be it. 

Mabby (Queen of Organization and Helping):

  • Stay Fit Mom Recipe Book: Okay, so, I give Laurel life tips and tricks basically everyday (and have done this since we met at the ripe age of 15) and this one was my favorite to share. This gal's Instagram meal prep reels are the things of legend. So approachable. So delicious. So useful for a busy mom of 4! 
  • S'more Sticks Kit: Friday night is all about pizza delivery and s'mores at our house. We keep the chickens up late at night (much to their very loud disapproval) and the kids stay up late, too! 
  • Erasable Highlighters: I mean. If you've watched any of Laurel's videos online, you know how obsessed we are with any erasable pen. These highlighters are like actual homemade butter on fresh bread. (Laurel Note: Not only does she have 4 kids and chickens and a whole garden and a bunch of other responsibilities and animals, she also makes her own butter. It's fine. A regular pioneer woman she is. Same here.)

Lolly (Queen of Adding More Things to our Product Line and Stressing out Mabby and Nancy):

  • Acure Wellness Products: I'm embarrassed to tell y'all the price of my night cream, but I tell myself that it's okay because my face wash is so affordable. I have been SO HAPPY with every single thing I've bought from Acure. All of it.
  • Design for Mankind: Remember when blogs used to just be blogs with pictures and links and lovely things and all was right in the world? Before all of the Target collaborations and magazine covers and all of it? I still miss those days. And this blog is one of my absolute favorites.
  • Human Chocolate: Have I already posted about this? I don't even care. This chocolate deserves multiple moments in the spotlight. The absolute perfect ratio of salt to dark chocolate...if, like, you haven't had REAL chocolate in quite some time? A great healthy option that doesn't taste like cardboard! Which doesn't sound like a value prop, but - trust me - this chocolate is GOOD.
  • Rectangle Sticker Set: I've been using these as list headers in my planner and, Y'ALL! They are so good. So smooth. So easy to write on. I'm in love. 

Also, don't miss our November free phone backgrounds! We welcome phones and planners here at Laurel Denise, so let's make them both pretty! But, like, obviously one is just for oogling at your friend's recent pictures and dreaming up new ideas online and one is for actual planning. Duh. Click here to access some of our brand new screen wallpapers and backgrounds for November!