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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

Dec 2022

Our Favorite Pens

You know how food bloggers can go on and on about the recipe they are going to write about? Like, we've all aged a year and know about the tile choices their Grandmother in Tuscany made for her ancient kitchen reno by the time we actually get to the recipe? And you know how I playfully poked fun at that on Instagram a few months ago??

Well, as I sat down to write this post I thought to myself "Woah. You're officially a food blogger now." Like, I would legit like to tell you about the day I had at Target when I wandered upon the most magical pen ever and which Starbucks drink I was sipping and why I made that drink choice and all of it. Or about that day I found myself on Amazon and just happened upon my favorite pen was a magical day only captured in fairy tales. And don't get me started on my visits to the local paper shop Rock Paper Scissors in Charlottesville, Va or the afternoon when my kid sat me down and showed me this amazing erasable pen her friend at school had brought in and she needed to go "search it up on the phone, mama" because she NEEDED some right that minute and how I looked into her beautiful eyes and was like "oh my gosh, you're mine"... Because, pens. 

So, I get it. I get it now, food bloggers. And I apologize for ever poking fun, even playfully. Because, again, pens. I have found the thing my heart longs for. 

Good gracious, I wish I were kidding.

Aight. Here we go.

The erasable pen I use to fill out my to-do lists IN my planner: 0.38 Erasable Pen (also available in colors here)

The pen I use to brain dump (needs to be more inky than my normal pen for some reason?): Muji 0.38mm

My favorite black pen when I don't need an erasable pen (so, like, filling out checks or writing cards or journaling or something? Basically, anything other than writing in my planner??): Pentel 0.3mm Gel (also available here). 

This guy used to be my favorite and so he needs a place on this list (because pens have feelings): Uniball Ultra Micro

My favorite erasable highlighters: Frixion Erasable Highlighters (also available here and a big set here.) 

Nancy's favorite pen (also my favorite when I'm sketching or doodling for actual artwork and not just, like, in the margins doodling): Sakura Pigma Micron Pen, Black 005 (also available here)

Favorite 0.5mm Erasable Pen (honestly, 0.38 is about as high as I go, but I know folks love a 0.5): Pilot Frixion Erasable 0.5mm

That's my honest to goodness go-to list. I have many more a'pen in my drawers and all over my office and home (I think I found one under my pillow the other day?), but these are the ones I use the most.

For more fun, watch this Youtube video featuring Nancy and my favorite pens and their pouches or follow us on TikTok and Instagram for more relatable pen content.