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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

March 2024

Our 2024 March Spreads: Plan With Us

Spring be springing and planners be planning, y'all. Check out some of my favorites from our March Spreads below for inspiration, encouragement, and proof that there's no perfect in planning! To see the full spreads, check out this Instagram post.

Nancy Detail

Nancy's Planner Spread Detail: I love how Nancy used the itty bitty stickers from our Summer Blossoms Sticker Set to add a little cheer to her task lists! Like, how can you not pay attention to a list that has the cutest little bees flying so close by?! How??

Laurel DetailLaurel's Planner Spread Detail: I'm a budding gardener (pun very much welcomed and appreciated) and I am using this Hourly Planner Insert to track what I do for each plant on each day. I wrote the numbers down the far left side, put the plant name and details on the top and then jotted down what needs to happen to that plant each day! Maybe just maybe I won't kill these sweet baby plants. (Thank you, Fuirk Home for these seeds and your wisdom!)

Mabby's Planner Spread Detail: Mabby's daily to-do list aka "no-brainer list" (ie: the things she does every dang day and just doesn't want to write down multiple times) is my favorite. Yes, I made it for her, but's allowed to be my favorite. Ha ha! Check out this Instagram Reel if you'd like to see how I made this using our acrylic bookmark.