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Big Plans: The Official Laurel Denise Blog

May 2024

(Not-Your-Typical) Gifts for Mom

Circle it in your planners, y’all. The day of all days is coming up: Mother’s Day. When we get to spoil and love and thank and love and love and love (and did I mention love?) those mama bears in our lives. 

We have some cute giftie gift ideas linked below that we think are just the most fun, but must be linked with one caveat: At the end of the day, my absolute favorite Mother’s Day gifts truly are the handwritten cards from my girls. Sure, you can buy a super cute one at the store and they can write inside, but there’s nothing wrong with a folded piece of printer paper with their words and drawings all over it. I truly treasure these and the time spent making them - I still have the ones from when my girlie pops were toddlers! 

Bonus track: Download this free printable and have them answer these questions about mama which are sure to bring laughter and probably a few tears as well. 

1. PRETTY PRINTS! Y’all know we love a floral here at Laurel Denise and this sweet Etsy print is totally customizable with kiddos or grandkids names and birthdays on the leaves! How cute! A total bonus, everything else in the artist’s shop is gorgeous as well. 

2. ROBES! I like to keep my home prrrrrretty cool and wear a winter robe all year long. My favorites are the ones from Anthroplogie (Target has some great dupes!), but your best bet for an Anthro cozy robe find in Spring is Poshmark. Okay, This baby is basically my real life robe dream come true. In fact. It’s in my cart…I am losing control…I….must…have…this…robe…

(Honorary mention is Print Fresh Pajamas because, well, how much better would any morning be with these cute patterns?) Lastly! Brooklinen is a classic and has the softest cutie pie robes! This yellow color is just so happy. 

3. HOBBIES! From where I’m standing, pickleball is still all the rage, and we’re totally here for it. But is your mom supposed to carry those paddles to all of her matches in her hands?! Not anymore! How cute and fashionable would she be rolling up to the courts with this little number. Très chic. Which we hear is a good thing. Go sports! 

Speaking of sports, maybe your mom is a group class fitness junkie like a certain someone we know (cough, cough - LAUREL, WE GET IT, YOU GO TO SOLIDCORE). Snag her some of Laurel’s favorite stretchy pants and we promise you squeals.

4. ORGANIZATION! Okay, this is random, but what about a pretty binder for her to organize all of those recipes she prints out? If she can actually create a meal from an ipad, I have good news for you: Your mom is superwoman. But if she’s anything like us, she needs a good old print out. Only those papers need a home and, obviously, that home needs to be cute. (Spoiler: Oh how we wish it were September 2024 already…because we might have something fun to contribute to this conversation then.)

If she’s not a binder gal, this notebook is perfect for handwriting recipes for safekeeping! 

5. STORAGE! BUT, CUTE. One thing about me is that I will never say no to another cute little storage baggie or container. Never. If I find said storage baggie or container in cobalt blue?? She’s a goner, folks. How perfect are these for all of the moisturizers, serums, AND standing makeup brushes your mom simply must take with her.

6. WATER! BUT, CUTE. We have water bottle opinions and we’re not shy about our Owala obsession on Team Laurel Denise. And while the FreeSip will always be our first love, this Stanley look alike Tumbler is really making me question everything. All of the convenience of the cup holder fitting and straw drinking but it doesn’t spill!! Plus, color blocking? Sold. Perfect for the practical moms on the go.

7. NEW KICKS! All I want in my entire life are these shoes. Get your mama some cute kicks to thank her for the twelve Jordans she bought you that one year because you “lost” the others.

8. FLOWERS! We got some of these gorgeous paper flowers for our sponsored tables at Go Wild and I loved them so much that I sent some to one of my college besties for her birthday. Snag some everlasting flowers from one of these artists on Etsy! They are really and truly astounding. People are so dang creative.

Paper and Bead Handmade

Melly Meier Botanicals

Tesh Paper Flowers

And, okay, while we are at it on the whole flower train - what if you made a bouquet of pens and gave that to her? Because, obviously, THIS IS WHAT SHE REALLY WANTS. This is what we all want. Check out how I made this here.

9. LAUREL DENISE FAVES! If she’s got a Laurel Denise and no folio, you will score big with this purchase! To make it even better, add some of our most favorite stickers (like these and these and these) for all of her planner decorating needs and joys!