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June 2024

The OMG-You've-Got-To-Try-This List: June 2024

We're back at it again with our faves from the month and it's getting really summery over here in LD land! 

Lolly: (aka "the summer pool mom")
Okay, evidently, I go to the beach and read semi-scary books? For me, these are semi-scary. For normal people, these are probably walks in the park. I think my favorite of the million I read on vacation (until my tween stole my Kindle because she, too, was sucked into the world of semi-spooky) was The Housemaid by Frieda McFadden. I’ve heard the sequel is super good, too!

As y’all know, I’m sort of a fitness nut and love a good nutritional deep dive. I’ve recently discovered the Bobby Approved app and, while I absolutely agree that you need a bowl of ice cream and some good old fashioned sugar more than Bobby would likely “approve” of, it’s been a really cool way to quickly see if I’m making a choice my digestive system will be happy with while I’m grocery shopping.

I got this Righteous Runsie from my Nuuly subscription last month and I couldn’t press “buy now” fast enough. I’m absolutely snagging it in more colors for the Summer. It’s THE cutest thing!!!

Mabby: (aka "office mom") 
After recovering from reading every.single. Sarah J. Maas book, I FINALLY found a new series that I am not only reading but it's pared with my Audible so I can listen and read regardless of if I'm carting kids around or supervising them in the pool. The Jennifer Armentrout series "Blood + Ash" is SO good.  

I have found my upgraded summer wardrobe (I may have this dress in 4 colors now). Lolly immediately bought it for herself too, so I take that as a win! Athletic material in a cute tennis dress even though I don't play tennis - but WHO CARES - it checks the boxes of functional + cute to help survive the impending hot Virginia summer!

Aline: (aka "pool mom in training")
It’s that time of year again, folks. The peonies are blooming and I am a happy lady!! The best Trader Joe’s seasonal Peony Blossom candle go so quick, so I found this similar one at Target..just in case :) Happy summer to all!

Speaking of summer and Target, Hearth & Hand has done it again with the most precious striped backyard blow up pool. I’m so excited for our daughter to get to play outside and enjoy the sunshine and this is going to be the perfect - also the cutest - addition for our at-home summer vacay vibes!

Lolly mentioned Nuuly in her faves last month (and this month) and let me tell you…it is so worth it!! We’re in a gauntlet of family and friend weddings for the next few months, so it’s been super fun to pick out the prettiest of dresses and get all of the compliments without committing to buying the dress I might not have even worn more than once! Next on my list to try is this jumpsuit I’ve been eying and all of the fun maternity options for my already growing bump for baby #2!

Nancy: (aka "photoshoot queen")
OBVI my fave has to be the Laurel Denise “Plan It” insert pack this month! I’m using the month long project planning page to make sure I have all my bases covered with an upcoming photoshoot. My yearly planning page is for annual habit tracking. And you KNOW I’ve got multiple checklist pages going, tracking which movies and shows I’ve watched, which books I’m reading…there is NOTHING more exciting than a blank checklist page!

some of these links might be affiliate links. probably the amazon ones? but not all of them. and we don't share them unless we truly have tried and love them. okay byeeeeeeeeee.