• Loved - Kiddo Bracelet
  • Loved - Kiddo Bracelet
  • Loved - Kiddo Bracelet
  • Loved - Kiddo Bracelet

Loved - Kiddo Bracelet


This bracelet reads "loved" in laurel's original handwriting.

Laurel Denise items offer each person a soft-spoken hope...because we've all searched for the words, the strength, the meaning, the inspiration, when none exists. Because we've all wanted to freeze time, to hold onto that special moment forever. That's why each laurel denise piece offers unique encouragement for a difficult time, a beautiful reminder to press on, or a meaningful way to treasure a memory each and every day. 


+ The writing has been burned into the leather and will not fade away with wear.
+ You can get your bracelet wet, but we don't suggest doing so very often (leather will just get darker with age).

K I D D O   B R A C E L E T   S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
+ 1/4″ thick leather
+ 1.5" diameter when closed at it's smallest, 2.5" diameter when closed at its widest
+ 5" long bracelet (including chain extender)
+ Colored leather has been screen dyed
+ Words laser engraved into leather
+ Leather patina will darken and become softer over time
+ Metal details are made from brass