NEW 2022 Big Picture Planner
NEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture PlannerNEW 2022 Big Picture Planner

New for 2022, this Big Picture Planner fits right into the Laurel Denise organizational system with its own unique layout to help keep you organized. This planner allows you to survey your entire month on one side while providing ample space to keep track of your life's main events for that month on the other side. Whether its projects, various to-do lists, school activities, meal planning, plans...there is room for it all, entirely customizable by you to fit your life.

*Please note, friends: This is NOT the 2021 Laurel Denise Planner. This is a new planner. Our 2022 All-In-One Planner can be found right here!!*

This is a pre-order for the 2022 Planner. Planners will ship by the end of November 2021.


  • See your monthly schedule and four customizable sections at the same time
  • Daily habit trackers on each month
  • 10 pages of bullet journaling space
  • Things to remember monthly spreads for '22 and '23
  • Gold-foil stamped cover
  • Cover art by Britt Davis Art


  • 11.5-inches wide x 9-inches high x 0.125-inches (1/8-inch) thick
  • Singer stitching binding (pink thread)
  • When the planner is open flat, it's 22-inches wide
  • 200lb cover paper weight
  • 80lb inside paper weight
  • Planner weighs 6oz


If you've arrived at this little box of text, you are most likely a planner person, and that makes you different than most other people. Only planner people will understand this. Yes, our paper planners remain an integral part of our day-to-day lives, even as the world moves digital. That's why you're here, and why we've created our planner line.

I've come to realize that, as a planner gal, when a season of life changes, so does my required organizational system. For the past decade, I've balanced life as a business owner, leader to a staff of 8, entrepreneurial dreamer, and a mom of two.  My planning has gone from very detailed to big picture. Instead of assigning a task to each day, I've needed to assign tasks to each week (or to each month) and stay on top of the progress of multiple goals at one time. I need to see my main lists of things for each month (and what I need to achieve for those lists) and I need to be able to see my entire month.  The only way I could do that was by creating my very own layout (again). This Big Picture Planner is that layout.


If you're dedicated to your current planner and are unsure about a change, that's OK. As a planner person, we understand it's essentially an extension of you, and this is a big decision! We encourage you to take your time. Check out the photos and follow us on social media where I'll post all kinds of videos. As always, feel free to ask us any questions in the Q&A section below.

Thanks for reading. We hope this planner makes it into your heart and home this year!

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