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Undated Vertical Weekly Planner, Forest Walks




Undated Vertical Weekly Planner, Forest Walks


Our Vertical Weekly Planner (and Laurel's favorite version) is now available in an Undated format! Start your new planner when it works for you and take planner breaks without losing any pages. 

Start your new planner when it works for you with our undated vertical weekly planner. Glance at your monthly plan with your detailed daily schedule in full view. 

Find days of the week, daily numbers, and month stickers here

*Please note the stickers in the cover folder, pens + other floral accessories shown in the images do not come with the planner. The tab stickers and the acrylic ruler insert are the only accessories that are shipped with this planner.

    - Planner is undated

    - Monthly bullet dots note-taking space

    - Tabbed monthly pages for easy navigation

    - Clear bookmark with ruler printed in gold-foil

    - Two pocket folders on each hard cover

    - 2mm chipboard

    - Gold-foil stamped cover

    - Monthly tabbed pages: 120lb paper weight

    - All other pages: 80lb paper weight

    - Planner weighs 2.3lbs

    - Cover is 1/8-inch thick

    - Each month features 5 weekly layouts per month (enough to plan for 35 days)

    - Monthly stickers for tabs

    - 2 yearly planning pages

    - 4 blank graph paper pages

    - 4 blank fine bullet paper pages

    - Weekly "short pages" are lined

    For a visual reference, please see the last image in the product listing.

    - Spiral: 1.25in diameter

    - Cover Material: 2.5mm chipboard mounted with matte laminate

    - Closed planner (including coil): 12.75in wide x 9.25in high

    - Open planner (includes coil and cover): 24.5in wide x 9.25in high

    - Monthly Calendar (overall dimensions): 7in wide x 7in high

    - Monthly Calendar Boxes: 1in wide x 1.375in high

    - Header row to label the days of the week (at the top of the monthly view): 7in wide x .5in high

    - Inside short pages (overall dimensions): 4.375in wide x 9in high

    - Daily priorities box (top of the weekly short pages): 1in wide x 1.13in high

    -Schedule column (middle column with lines on the weekly short pages): 1in wide x 5.63in high

    - To-do today box (at the bottom of the weekly short pages): 1in wide x 1.38in high

    - This week column (far right of the weekly short pages): 1.38in wide x 5.63in high

    - To-Do This Month Space: 3.87in wide x 8.5in high

    with the most unique layout on the market,
    this life-changing planner system actually works
    by helping you manage not just your time
    but your tasks.

    Customer Reviews

    “As soon as I saw Laurel Denise planners I instantly knew that this was the planner I had been searching for. I have always bought multiple planners throughout the year because they never ended up working for me. And I would never use the weekly pages because seeing the monthly and weekly side by side was what I needed (although, I didn't know that at the time). If you struggle with consistently using a planner for the whole year give Laurel Denise a try! You won't be disappointed! ”

    susan k.

    “Thank you for creating such a functional planner! I have been on a planner journey for years with sporadic success. I love the monthly/weekly/daily view in one spread and the ability to customize for all the facets of my life. I am a single mom, an educator, have a side gig tutoring, and am slowly renovating an older home. This planner helps me keep it all straight! I especially appreciate all of the video content highlighting different ways people use all of the planners -- super helpful when you have analysis paralysis as you are beginning. Thank you for creating such an exceptional product! ”

    heather m.

    “A phenomenal combination of everything I want in a planner. I love the ability to see the month at any view throughout my planning while also being able to note my day to day. It allows me to feel more on top of my months. The open spaces have been so fun to format to my needs and realize the different ways I have been able to utilize them as my needs change, habits, tasks, budget planning, individual event plans in more detail and all able to be kept in one space. I haven’t found a planner that fit me so well. ”


    “Family Planning game changer! I cannot express how helpful this planner has been to my family! I am a busy mom/teacher/wife/sister and we have weekly sit down family meetings to keep on top of who is doing what and who is going where and what’s for dinner what night etc- this planner has been exactly what I’ve been looking for for many MANY years! The monthly view with the weekly flip is the most amazing idea I have ever used in planner history! Thank you so much for all your thoughtful details!!! ”

    “Stop thinking about it. JUST GET IT!! All in one, no if’ and’s or but’s. You have it all at a glance, what more can you want? It honestly is so perfectly organized and well thought! It is customizable, and if I don’t have a big month going for me, it’s okay! I can skip it 😌 That’s the beauty of the undated planner!! Worth every penny! Thank you for making me put my thoughts, actions, plans and dreams in one whole planner, Laurel and Team; y’all have my heart!”

    carla s.

    “This planner works how my brain works. I can see the big picture, my weekly schedule AND organize my to do list in one place. It’s been a total game changer as I’m taking on more responsibilities and the sense of accomplishment from seeing everything I took care of in a month is amazing. ”

    melissa b.

    “E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G at a glance! I'm a planner person. I regularly juggle multiple planners. I started using this Laurel Denise planner six months ago and since then it has REPLACED and ELIMINATED THE NEED FOR MULTIPLE other planners!! I no longer need a finance/ budget planner. I no longer need a fitness/ meal plan/ wellness/ health planner. I no longer need a bullet journal for spare notes. I no longer need a goal planner. I no longer need a weekly planner for visualizing my time. THIS ONE PLANNER IS ALL I NEED!!! -- It's so roomy and gorgeous that it fits EVERYTHING I need!!!-- With the additional bonus that I CAN SEE EVERYTHING all at the same time!!! This is a game-changer. This is truly an everything dashboard. ”

    nancy l.

    Customer Reviews
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    Amelia G.
    United States United States

    Great planner- but flimsy design

    I really love my vertical weekly, undated planner! It's got plenty of space for taking notes and marking what is going on daily/weekly/monthly, etc. My issue with the calendar and probably why I don't plan to order another is the binding. I've been using mine since September and already 8 of the 17 coils in the binding have come out. I've tried to put them back and I can't. Two of the holes in the cover are torn. I keep this calendar open on my desk and once a week take it with me so I'm not opening and closing it all day everyday. I hope that future calendars will have a more sturdy binding or a new kind of binding all together. Thank you!


    laurel denise

    Hi Amelia, Thanks so much for your review and we're so sorry about your coil issues! Feel free to email a couple of pictures to and we'd be happy to help :) Team LD

    United States United States


    I love love this planner. I feel so much more organized and would recommend!

    Ashley H.
    United States United States

    Vertical Weekly Undated

    Enjoying this planner immensely, finally I have enough room for the things I need to track each month for personal and work.

    United States United States

    My head is happy

    I LOVE the monthly and weekly layout. All the details make me super happy that I keep adding things to this planner. I wished the coils were larger because of all the inserts I want to add to it. It's my absolutely favorite planner! I'm so excited to continue using it for the next year. thank you so much for creating this awesome planner!

    United States United States

    Absolutely the best!

    This planner is amazing in every way! The paper is perfect, the layout has enough structure without limiting flexibility to keep track of whatever you need.