All-In-One Planner
All-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One PlannerAll-In-One Planner
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The planner (both colors) has sold out, but more are on the way! Pre-order your 2022 planner now and it will ship between December 9th - December 15th. 

After selling out of our 2021 (and now 2022!) Planner in record time, we are back and better than ever with the new 2022 All-In-One Planner from Laurel Denise.

Elegant and eminently useable, this desktop planner turns organization into a breeze. A marvel of design, the multi-page format allows the user to survey their weekly plans and monthly plans at the same time, as well as all of their daily and monthly to-do lists.



  • See your monthly schedule and to-dos at the same time as your weekly appointments and to-dos
  • Daily habit trackers + inspirational quotes on each month
  • Monthly bullet dots note-taking space
  • Tabbed monthly pages for easy navigation
  • Clear bookmark with ruler printed in gold-foil
  • 10 pages of bullet journaling space
  • Things to remember monthly spreads for '22 and '23
  • Two pocket folders on each hard cover
  • Gold-foil stamped cover
  • Cover art by Britt Davis Art


  • 11.5-inches wide x 9-inches high x 0.75-inches thick (includes spiral)
  • When the planner is open flat, it's 23-inches wide
  • Monthly tabbed pages: 120lb paper weight
  • All other pages: 80lb paper weight
  • Planner weighs 1lb
  • Cover is 1/8-inch thick
  • This Week Short Page: (the short page to the left of the spiral) Each space is 2.375-inches wide x 1-inch high
  • To-Do Today Short Page:  (the short page to the right of the spiral) Each space to write in is 1.25-inches wide x 1-inch high
  • This Week Space: (the far right of the short page to the right of the spiral) 1.25-inches wide x  7.5-inches high 
  • To-Do This Month Space: 3.75-inches wide by 8.5-inches high
  • Bullet Journaling Space (next to the "to-do this month" column): 7-inches wide by 8.5-inches high
  • Monthly Calendar: 6.75-inches wide 5.75-inches high
  • Monthly Calendar Boxes: 1.2-inches wide 1.1-inches high
  • Spiral:1.875 diameter
  • Cover Material: 2.5 mm chipboard mounted with matte laminate


If you've arrived at this little box of text, you are most likely a planner person, and that makes you different than most other people. Only planner people will understand this. Yes, our paper planners remain an integral part of our day-to-day lives, even as the world moves digital. That's why you're here, and why we've brought this planner back for 2022.

I've had dozens of different planners over the years. And there are many beautiful and functional ones out there. But there was always something missing, at least for me. I wanted a way to see my weekly plans and my monthly plans all at the same time. When I couldn't see my entire month ahead, I couldn't plan my weekly to-do items. I would miss preparing for an important event coming up early in the following week because I couldn't see it. (I'm the very definition of a visual learner.) I wanted space to organize each the way they deserve to be organized, and see them all together in one view. This is the driving inspiration and primary feature of this planner. 

If you're dedicated to your current planner and are unsure about a change, that's OK. As a planner person, we understand it's essentially an extension of you, and this is a big decision! We encourage you to take your time. Check out the photos, watch the video, check out the reviews of previous years (the core layout is the same, only we've made it slightly larger and added more features because yes we can!) and ask us any questions in the Q&A section below.

Thanks for reading. We hope this planner makes it into your heart and home this year!

Check out the full length video featuring the All In One and the Big Picture Planners from Laurel Denise on Amanda's Favorites:

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christine j.
United States United States

Worth its weight in GOLD!

When my horizontal planner by bluesky was discontinued (or so poorly supplied to stores that I just couldn't find it anymore), I was extremely distraught. I've tried hundreds of planners over the years and that bluesky version was the most helpful and well laid-out I'd ever found. Imagine my delight when I found Laurel Denise last year and bought the 2021 planner! It came last November and I am still in love with it!! It is immensely helpful for my mom life, our homeschooling and activities schedules, AND planning out my business. All other planners are, frankly, inferior. On the inside, this planner is completely laid out to have the month at a glance and the week, which is amazing when you want to see what's happening soon and currently. It is also very versatile, so you can organize your aspects of life how you want to- instead of being boxed into only putting notes here or events there, where the manufacturer wants you to. I love versatility in planners , which is a rare quality, because I'm not focused on the same things week to week or month to month. I want a planner that can evolve and change how I need it, and this is exactly that. For example: Typically I start wanting a different/separate planner in Sept as my business production picks up for the holidays, but I havn't wanted or needed it since having this one, because this has so many options of where and how to plan your time. The activity tracking by day is lovely and keeps me on my goals...seeing a streak and not wanting it to end or even reminding me of those daily tasks that get easily forgotten. The right side with dot grid allows me to have a space to jot or to lay out some columns when I want several "to do" lists or want to make more extensive notes. As for the quality and total planner: The typeface used is stylish and modern, but not cold or in a size that crowds the page or distracts from your writing. The paper here is wonderful, not thin or see-through but not abnormally thick like some planners use overcompensate for poor quality. The coils have not bent or warped once in almost a year, which is also a tall order to accomplish. The outer cover has survived all year, with my 4 kids and the myriad of life that gets thrown at it, and it amazingly still looks new.

A laurel denise Customer
United States United States

The Perfect Planner for a Student

I've always organized my planner by putting big due dates like tests and projects on the month view. Then I saved the week view for weekly homework assignments and smaller things. I've always been frustrated with planners that I haven't been able to see both at once, but this planner solved that perfectly. I can now organize and keep track of all school-related things. The closed size it perfect for stacking with my laptop and I honestly don't find the wider style to be a problem with me. If necessary, the planner can open in half due to the nice binding so the whole thing doesn't have to be open at once. I also like that there isn't a bunch of filler pages. I never really use the extra pages in a planner and they typically just make it thicker. The paper was perfect for the color mechanical pencils I use, it also holds up nicely to pen and highlighter. For the 2022 planner, I hope to see a more neutral or less feminine option. The pink is pretty, but not always my taste. I agree with another review for larger cover pockets to fit a full 8.5x11" paper. I wish that the Saturday and Sunday boxes were bigger in the month view, as they're really small at the moment. I like having a grided extra space on all the months, but I personally prefer a dot grid as it is less distracting to whatever I'm writing and drawing on top, but still has the benefit of a visible grid. Lastly, I personally didn't use the daily habit tracker at the bottom of the month, and I could see making the month calendar taller to have more room to write in. If these were addressed, this would be the absolute perfect planner for me!

United States United States

Unique planner, very functional

I LOVE the setup of the planner. While I am setting up my week, and I can scan my month to see what's coming up that I need to prepare for. This sounds small when I write it down, but it makes a big difference in the usability when I don't have to flip pages to see what I need. The weekly pages are small, which is perfect for me. I spend a lot of my week at work, and since I only use this planner for my personal life, I typically only have a few things to write down. I would ABSOLUTELY buy this again. I LOVE IT! I do have one suggestion for next year - resize the pockets so that they fit a full sheet of paper. Either make the covers a little bigger or make the pocket frame take up less space.


laurel denise

Hi Amy! Thanks so much for reaching out :) We are so, so happy to hear that you are enjoying your planner! We are in the works to create our 2022 version soon and will absolutely take your feedback about the pockets into consideration. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of the joys of planning!

Jacquelyn H.
United States United States

The Planner You've Been Waiting For

I am an old school pen to paper gal. Get your iphone calendars and gmail nonsense out of here - I need to see it all laid in front of me. This planner is insane - Upon opening, you get the monthly view for the ENTIRE MONTH and you get a weekly, smaller insert complete with daily and weekly goal spaces. The size is perfect and slim - something I appreciate being one that carries my planner everywhere. The paper is durable and sturdy - I have yet to have anything bleed through to the other side. Each month also has note space. I have never felt more organized thanks to Laurel's unique and simple creation. A tool that I used to dread opening, I am now excited to stay on top of all of the tasks and appointments I have. I'm hooked!

Trisha Z.
United States United States

The best for lefties

We live in a right handed world and for those of us who are left handed it can **** a lot of the time. I ordered this planner based on that it just made sense - monthly view and daily details - brilliant!!! However, the added benefit that the bulk of my notes are on the LEFT side and my hand isn’t assaulted by the spiral binding might be the win of 2021. Already on the list for 2022 when they come out!!!

laurel denise All-In-One Planner Review

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