From Laurel, With Joy

  • how to give a gift: a plan and a challenge

    You know that meme that entices us with the question "how to get a bikini beach body"? The one that answers with the obvious solution of you putting on a bikini and going to the beach. A little "well isn't it obvious??" encouragement given through the gentle voice of comedy. I've always loved tha...
  • rest: the beginning

    I did a weird thing for me this weekend: I rested. Like, a little. I watched the clouds give way to blue sky. I made some oatmeal because my body was craving it. I opened a new magazine and I sat on a couch in my messy living room that is more Lego room that living at this point and I read the ar...
  • Oh, hello there

    But, first: An introduction.

    Hi, I'm Laurel. I started Laurel Denise in 2005 after I had a dream where I was creating jewelry with glass and my tiny handwriting. No, seriously, a dream. I was working for the government (because I lived in Northern Virginia at the time and that's just what you do there) and was pretty desperate for a creative outlet. God gave me a whisper of hope in my sleep and has continued to guide me along in this journey. And what a journey it's been!