the things you say: a special thank you

Just a small post to say thank you for melting our hearts with your reviews and comments lately. This feels like a humble brag, posting all of these on here, but these truly did make our week and I wanted to take some time to point them out.
"Fabulous - gorgeous items, beautifully packaged and so meaningful. Have purchased four in the last month, each for a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm always looking for something different than flowers or a meal. I remember when I was recovering from brain surgery I didn't received anything quite like this but did receive something similar but more religious affiliated and that was fine because I'm a good Catholic. These bracelets on the other hand are universal to everyone. This is my go to place now for everything! Thank you! Love them more than anything." (nevertheless she persisted)
"I love my LD bracelets. They are classic, durable and always start conversations when people notice the message. I will continue ordering them for myself and for gifts! They always arrive with a little thank you note and wrapped." (beautiful girl, you are capable of amazing things)

"I bought one for myself and 3 close friends as a symbol of unity when one of our husbands was diagnosed with cancer. Each of us loves it and what they remind us." (nobody fights alone)
"I bought this for my step mom. She's currently fighting breast cancer and going through chemo sessions. We don't live close to each other, and she doesn't have a great deal of support near her (other than my sister). She called beaming saying she LOVED it!! Thank you for a great product and just that little boost of confidence that is needed through such a difficult time." (nobody fights alone)
"My friend was diagnosed with cancer and i got this for her right before her first round of chemo. She’s been wearing the bracelet ever since! Since I’m on the west coast and she’s on the east coast it’s a nice reminder for her that I’m always there and that she is a “warrior”! Great bracelet, quick delivery and a very happy friend. Couldn’t of asked for anything more in my purchase." (warrior)
How can I express my gratitude at you fine, wonderful, amazing people? Thank you for your purchases, for your reviews, and spreading joy to all that you love. 
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