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  • From Amy: Best. Mom. Ever.

    Moms, I understand. I hear you. But, I also see you. I see all the things you are doing for and with your child(ren). Things that are way outside your comfort zone, exhausting, and/or plain old monotonous and boring. I see you keeping your households together and secure, as well as hustling to keep a business going or otherwise maintain your career, all the while being a constant for your family. You're persevering in the face of your (not insubstantial) fears, keeping the established routines you can, and making the necessary changes that seem to be happening to everything else more palatable. You are, to be concise, being the best. moms. ever. 
  • rest: the beginning

    I did a weird thing for me this weekend: I rested. Like, a little. I watched the clouds give way to blue sky. I made some oatmeal because my body was craving it. I opened a new magazine and I sat on a couch in my messy living room that is more Lego room that living at this point and I read the ar...

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