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Our Story: The Beginning

Our Story: The Beginning
Let's see. How did Laurel Denise begin? It's a story that I love to tell -- mostly because I just can't believe it (kind of like when my family and I survived a trip down the side of a Yosemite cliff when I was 13), but, cross my heart pinky promise, this is how it went down: 

Rewind to 2005. Laurel is working full time as a wellness coordinator for the government when she has a dream where she is using tools she's never seen before to create jewelry with her tiny handwriting. The handwriting has been tiny since 10th grade (thank you oh so much AP History class and the note taking it required), but other than making a killer full page yearbook entry page, she didn't think too much about how she could use it in a business.

She DID think about doing her own thing, though. Like, constantly. Being in a cubicle 8 hours a day was slowly shrinking her soul (the drama runs deep). She thought about cards, she thought about going back to school to teach art, she thought about becoming a fitness instructor, but jewelry? Never. 


She was sitting in her tiny cubicle, it was a sunny day where Spring is just beginning to say it's hello to Virginia and she remembered the tools. She remembered the glass jewelry with her handwriting. She saw all of the necklaces pinned up on her bedroom wall. And she knew in her heart that this was a tug she needed to give in to. Hours later, she's in Michael's Craft Store and on Google trying to find the tools. Days later, she's spending all of her free time sketching designs. Weeks later, she's designing a website and registering her name as a business. Months later, she has her website launched with orders coming in. Years later, she joyfully works with a team of amazing humans in Charlottesville,Va in a humble studio creating jewelry and gifts with one requirement - they must be encouraging, they must point to hope, they must remind someone of goodness.

Years have passed and the orders continue to come in, but Laurel can still remember running across the floor of her Mama's home, jumping with excitement at her very first order. And we are here to tell you that she feels that thrill every single day as the retail team prints orders and begins answering messages.

Thank you for being one of those interested people. For ordering or admiring. For commenting and tagging. For getting us to this place where we can spread joy far and wide through itty bitty bracelets, necklaces, and quote cards. It's a joy to be with you on this ride. 


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