how to give a gift: a plan and a challenge

You know that meme that entices us with the question "how to get a bikini beach body"? The one that answers with the obvious solution of you putting on a bikini and going to the beach. A little "well isn't it obvious??" encouragement given through the gentle voice of comedy. I've always loved that meme and as I find myself sitting here beginning to write how to give a gift, it keeps echoing in my mind. Because, to me, my answer to how to give a gift is "omg, I mean, isn't it the most obvious, joyful, amazing, fun thing that you ever get to do??" (I am heavy in the gift-giving love language department, can you tell?) I'm realizing this might not be the case for so many and I'm here to let you in on the joy to be found in gift giving when it's not even sort of holiday time. 

If you're finding yourself feeling a little squirmy, don't ya worry -- The good news is that right now, during a time in our history when SO MANY need SO MUCH encouragement, your time to shine is here. Like, super duper here. So put on that super hero gift-giving cape and come to the rescue with my challenge below. 

The Plan: This month (before the end of September), we are going to send something to someone completely anonymously. No gift note. No "with love". Not a thing. We are going to challenge ourselves to give for the pure delight of giving and with no other secret (and completely human) desire. I promise you - guys, I promise - that when you are the only one in on the secret and you see the joy that this pure thing you did causes someone else, your heart is going to soar into the clouds. Way more than if you got the credit. You might squeal a little, even. And, frankly, we could all use a little more soaring and squealing these days, yes?

I have dedicated my life to encouraging words and I obviously subscribe to the idea that a small word of love can go a very, very long way. So, ask yourself, what are a few simple words that might bring your secret person some encouragement? Is it something sweet and lightweight like you've got this or she believed she could so she did? Or do we want to get super deep (girl, I'm here for this) and offer the inspiration to dwell in hope during a really hard season? A reminder that their hearts are loved and carried and cared for, deeply, today and tomorrow and the next day? Something for them to glance at throughout the day and remember that somewhere, someone is fighting with them. That they are never ever alone.

So who will it be? Will you share it with me with you do it? You can DM me on Instagram or just send us an email. Man, I can't tell you how genuinely I want to share in your secret gifting excitement. I'm squealing a little at even just the idea of this! I'm going to join you all and can't WAIT to report back. 


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