Dare to Lead Book Club

The Laurel Denise team grew double its size within just a few months. What started with just one employee, led to three, then four, and now…we are at a grand total of ten (but, like, probably not for long. Let’s be real.). Growing a team takes more than just ordering some more supplies and coming up with a training plan. We quickly realized that the new growth in size came with its own need to readjust how we work as a team. Ten different bright minds with unique ideas, thought processes, love languages...Enter: Brene Brown. 

Brene Brown is a research professor, licensed social worker, podcast host, bestselling author, wife, & mother. We decided to pick up her new book, Dare to Lead, to read & discuss as a group. Spread across 4 weeks, we read the book and worked through the workbook page by page. With questions like "what is the taste of shame?" and "when was the last time you bravely faced uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure?," we were vulnerable, courageous, and empathetic through each session as we shared all of the fun little quirks that make each of us us and how our love language and boundaries affect how we work as a team. This forced us to have some tough conversations, but in the end, we came out a stronger team with an incredibly immense amount of love and respect for each other. 

Some thoughts from the team on how the book impacted us:

  • “The book club opened up to more efficient, constructive conversations.” 
  • “It feels like we climbed a mountain together.” 
  • “We are more open, more self-aware and team-aware in a safe emotional space.” 
  • “Sets a standard for leadership!” 
  • “This was a great experience and we definitely grew so much as a team. We grew closer and our hearts grew larger.” 

At the end of our book club, we agreed upon some commitments we made as a team throughout the journey. Here are a few: 

LD Commitments -

  • We will communicate with honesty and clearness.
  • We will be active listeners.
  • We understand that sometimes people need time to process and we will grant them that time.
  • We will take time to celebrate our achievements.
  • Everyone has a voice.

  • This wonderful book helped our small but mighty team tremendously in terms of communication and set a standard for leadership. Thank you so much, Brene, for sharing your wisdom! 

    With joy,

    The Laurel Denise Team

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