February 2021 Updates


          I’m at my dining room table working. I’m listening to the sounds of sisters playing and learning how to disagree and continue on in love. It’s winter. And my heart sort of wants to type the word "again" after every one of those sentences. Because, truly, so much of that has felt endless this year. 
          But, what if I try to replace one for two and choose the phrase "and yet" instead of "again". I'm not in my office, no, and my staff has had to pack up the many hats their wear in the studio to work at home. The girls are sisters and are navigating through growth spurts, disagreements, conflict, and immense love. It's very much winter outside.
          And yet. 
          And yet, my favorite candle is burning next to me on the dining room table and I have the perfect view of the trees being wrapped in a layer of ice. And yet, I can smell the fresh bread baking from a few feet away and I can see the pebbles of sleet bouncing from the deck railings. And yet, what the girls are learning upstairs are life lessons that are to be bravely navigated and treasured and I get to play co-captain when needed.
          Perhaps having spent so much time settling in at home this year has opened my eyes to these simple joys that life has to offer. The simple joys that come from a shifting perspective. How many of us needed a full year of getting back to the basics, of going without, to be able to see and experience those small treats? 
          I'm choosing "and yet" today. It's not always the road I travel, but I hope we can find ourselves as sojourners on this adventure as it feels right - moment by moment, and with heaping gulps of grace for ourselves, choosing to see, hear, be, and say the good. 

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